Challenging the current standard of care which promotes the use of expensive, bulky, and inaccessible external devices, we have engineered an elegant, low-cost solution capable of stabilizing injury quicker and more flexibly than anything currently available.

Think about it as a life jacket for your cardiovascular system.
— Chibueze I.

Our first-of-its-kind system comprises of an ergonomically fitted, non-restrictive harness coupled with a tourniquet-style direct pressure device. The low-weight system can be worn passively by the user to be deployed following an incident or quickly applied to the user then engaged afterwards. It provides rapid compression of damaged arteries in critical torso- junctional areas that traditional tourniquets cannot reach. Our patented system is able to achieve this by combining the familiar mechanism of a tourniquet with the proven function of a vascular clamp to deliver reliable force that stays unabated in transport.

scientific validation

ARMR is committed to data-driven design and ensuring our products meet the highest standards of reliability and efficacy. To date, initial benchtop, volunteer, and cadaver studies have been conducted to validate the core functionality of our prototypes. In a live volunteer study, when our system was activated, complete femoral occlusion was achieved and all arterial blood flow to the lower extremities was stopped immediately. In the same study, similar results were seen across arterial points in the upper extremity.

BEFORE:  Blood flow through femoral artery prior to device activation.

BEFORE: Blood flow through femoral artery prior to device activation.



AFTER:  Complete occlusion of femoral artery following device activation.

AFTER: Complete occlusion of femoral artery following device activation.


The ARMR Advantage

The technology & methodology we've developed provide a number of benefits and advantages for users. Here are a few:

  • Quick Application: Our technology enables significantly faster response to injury compared to current device standard (<30 sec).
  • Environmental Integration: Can be integrated into pre-existing uniforms and worn equipment in order to give every individual in a high-risk area a measure of protection.
  • Conducive to Buddy Care: In the case of injury within a high-risk setting (i.e. battlefield), our device would enable every solider to self apply as well as any of their fellow soldiers to quickly apply treatment as well.
  • Novel Technology Platform: Highly accessible wearable platform upon which advanced lifesaving functionality & technology can be built.
  • Low cost, compact, and light-weight.
  • Facilitates easy/stable transport to primary care facility, be it civilian or military, compared to current devices or manual means.
  • Forward/Backward Compatibility with a variety of modern and legacy systems.
  • Multilateral Treatment: The device's strategic targeting of several critical arterial sites enables a wide variety of upper and lower extremity injuries to be treated simultaneously.
  • Multi-purpose Use: There exist numerous opportunities to adapt the device for other mission-relevant uses (i.e. rigging, storage, extraction, etc.)