Early on, our team realized developing truly original and effective solution would require an equally original approach.


Principled DESIGN 

Exceptional design starts by understanding the user needs & environmental parameters. Throughout our creative process ARMR has been committed to designing devices anchored in the following 5 core principles.

The challenge of effectively treating massive hemorrhage is not the availability of effective technology but the ability to design a solution that utilizes the tools and mechanisms appropriate for the combat context.
— Dr. Ackerman

Collaborative IDEATION

ARMR is committed to collaboration and has worked across institutions to develop our technology. Our multi-disciplinary team of innovators guarantees multiple perspectives and paradigms are being used to evaluate a problem. Throughout our journey a variety of institutional and individuals partners have been essential to the progress and milestones we've achieved thus far. Below are only a few of the great partners we're continuously collaborating with:



Our team is engineering a whole new class of medical device that can provide life-saving hemorrhage control more quickly, reliably, and flexibly than can any solution on the market today. The result of our unique design and technology paradigm is a system that will provide a new gold standard in first responder prehospital care.