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1 out of 4 preventable military deaths among U.S. Troops are caused by non-compressible hemorrhage. These are wounds you can't put a traditional tourniquet on.


90% of preventable military death is due to hemorrhage. Soldiers don't have access to needed tools to stop bleeding fast enough and often die in transit to the forward operating surgical unit.

                Common Regions of Injury

               Common Regions of Injury

Non-compressible junctional hemorrhage – traumatic bleeding in the groin, upper thigh, and axillary regions  is especially difficult to treat by current means due to complexity of the anatomy within these areas.

The human body has 5L of blood and rapid loss of 40% (2L) is fatal. On the battlefield, this can happen in as little as 2 minutes after traumatic injury to major arteries.


...there was no effective means to control or temporize junctional or truncal sources of hemorrhage in the battlefield. This signifies a clear and persistent gap in medical treatment capability that has been present for the entire history of warfare and well documented for nearly a century.
— Eastridge et al., 2012