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  • 120 Pond Street
  • Boston, MA, 02130
  • United States

Are you a Veteran? Reserves? National Guard? Active Duty? 

Research study seeking active duty servicemembers, reservists, National Guard or Veteran participants. Limited spots available. 

The research will support efforts to better inform the design of devices for warfighters and enable the advancement of life-saving medical systems meant to mitigate/reduce deaths due to battlefield bleed outs.

What: The study event will involve the testing of a lightweight worn apparel harness during simulated physical activity (in the form of paintball). This will be followed by an exit interview for participants to better understand their experience. Lunch and adult beverages will be provided.

Who: Veteran and Non-veteran participants are welcome! Must be over 21 years old, able-bodied, and willing to perform light exercise for approximately an hour with breaks. Please come with one form of government ID. Total participation limited to 30 people. 15 spots will be reserved for qualified veterans (must be able to provide proof of service). 


Additional Study Information:

Principal Investigator: Susan Squires, PhD

Lead Researcher: Patricia Urdzik, MS (analyzingresearch@gmail.com)

Those eligible will participate anonymously in two recorded sessions: the review of lightweight apparel harness and exit interview. Both sessions will run a total time of approx. 2.5 hrs,

Disclaimer: No medical function or evaluation will be conducted as a part of this study.

For additional questions or assistance signing up please email eval@armrsystems.com